About the Photographer: Jamie Lindelof

This is where my love of people and my passion for photography come together.

I've always loved photos, as long as I can remember, but I didn't really start pursuing it until 2009. After going through a rough patch personally, I promised myself to be even more passionate about life, and my husband inspired me to chase after my love of photography. It started small, just the two of us planning adventures and going out to capture the world around us. Then friends started asking if I shot portraits, or if I could photograph an event. That's when I realized that maybe my passion could be something more. And with that decision, my life brightened even more.

When you think about it, life happens in chapters. When it comes to photography - the best part is that photographers get to experience all the highlights and exciting new adventures with people they don't know (or maybe they do know). The point is - people invite us to be a part of their life, not just at any point, but the most important bits usually! It is an honor and a blessing.

How wonderful to get to experience the love and happiness at engagements and weddings, to cuddle and play with the sweet kiddies and newborns, to laugh with families, and to celebrate with new parents at a maternity shoot, or seniors as they move on to the next step!

It's been such a joy learning and growing every time I press the shutter, every time I meet a new client, every time I sit down to edit the images.

My lens allows me to slow down, and see things that sometimes I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. I love watching moments unfold before my camera, and finding the perfect moment to freeze in time forever. It brings me so much happiness - and my hope is that it comes across in my images.

I believe there is beauty in everyone and everything - and my job as a photographer is to let it shine. The world is my inspiration. YOU are my inspiration.



Name: Jamie Lindelof

Occupation: Photographer (and Marketing Specialist)

Current City: Vancouver, Washington

Equipment: Canon 6D and Canon 7D

Favorite Color: Aqua and Salmon

Favorite Movie: Too hard to narrow down - I'm a movie fanatic.

Music to work to: Passenger, The Lumineers, classic rock, sometimes top 40

Celebrity Crush: It's been Justin Timberlake since I was a tween.

Other Need to Know Facts: I'm half Taiwanese (made in Taiwan baby!), my faith is my foundation, I love sports (Go Seahawks/Mariners/Huskies!), I have the best family and friends, I love to sing and dance (and am equally terrible at both), travel is my obsession (I think about it almost 24-7...no joke), and my husband and I have been together since high school.