My Photoshoot Style

My photography style is photojournalistic and's inspired by you. I love capturing moments - big and small. My passion is not just to photograph the smiles, but to capture the souls. 

At photoshoots, my shooting style is very organic - nothing is too posed or stiff. My goal is to capture the emotion of the session - whether it's the love between couples or families, the laughter and joy in kids, the warm-and-fuzzies you get from a newborn, or the excitement that comes with new chapters like maternity shoots and senior sessions. Photography is freezing a moment in time...and it is such a joy to get to be a part of so many new and exciting moments in people's lives. 



Photoshoot Tips:

  • Clothing - wear outfits that are complementary, not just matchy-matchy. Avoid black and white clothes, and nothing with big logos or words. Complementary colors will make your pictures pop. Especially with families - it's better not to all wear the same outfit.
  • Incorporate hobbies, pets and props into your shoots to make them more personal.
  • Engagements/Couples - find somewhere that means something to you and your relationship, but also consider variety of backgrounds and aesthetics. 
  • Families/Kids - have fun with your family, I want to catch those authentic smiles and genuine laughs. 
  • Maternity - I recommend doing maternity shoots at around 33 weeks (enough time to reschedule if anything comes up, but also far enough into the pregnancy that we can show off that precious baby bump). Consider what you're comfortable with - most shoots I do outdoors for best lighting and variety, but some moms-to-be are more comfortable shooting indoors if they want to show a bare belly.
  • Newborns - I primarily do lifestyle type newborn shoots. Babies are at the most "mold-able" right after birth. For the cute posed, molded shots - it's best before they reach two-weeks-old. I understand the first two weeks, especially for new moms and dads, are very tiring and maybe a bit stressful and emotional. So I know that sometimes it's hard to even think about something like a photoshoot at that point. Don't worry, even after two weeks, they are still SUPER adorable and I will capture photos you'll love no matter what.
  • Seniors/Portraits - Don't worry too much about blemishes, small imperfections can we edited out in post-process. Try to avoid tanning just for the photoshoot. Pay attention to your fingernails. If you wear glasses, consider asking your optician to remove the lens just for the shoot, helps with glare. Girls, go easy on the jewelry, and put on makeup normally, nothing over the top. Guys, make sure to shave, or trim mustaches and beards.